Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 2 - Mini: Tiny Banana Cream Pies

This week's baking challenge was miniature. Andrew and I tossed around several ideas but while browsing in a kitchen store I happened upon a set of two tiny pie pans.  My brain instantly said banana cream pies!!!

The custard making process was actually quite easy.  I was surprised as I've never made one before and assumed it was difficult.  Although it was not hard, the whole process was a bit lengthy.  There is a lot of making one part, then letting it chill for an hour, then making another bit and waiting for 30 minutes, then making another thing and waiting an hour again.  

The short story goes like this: 1) The pie crusts get made, then baked. 2) The vanilla custard gets made and put into the baked pie shells to half full.  3) Sliced bananas are layered. 4) More custard is put on top to fill the pie.

After chilling for several hours (we waited over night since the custard got done so late at night and it needed to sit for at least 3 hrs) I made whipped cream and gave each pie a layer on top. 

It is a little hard to see the layers here, but it was so rich and delicious. I was worried that it wouldn't be banana-y enough because the recipe I used didn't have any banana flavoring in the custard, but the banana flavor was perfect and I am very excited to use recipe again in the future.  While the tiny pies were cute and fun, I think a large pie would be a better pie-to-crust ratio (these were a little crust intense for my taste).


  1. Adorable!!
    (for soup week, if don't have something figured out already, I have several suggestions! Caldo Verde is a good one: I usually add a can of garbanzo beans too)