Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 2 Sriracha Fried Rice

So, when planning last nights Orange Chicken we intended to pair it with a fried rice.  We did all the shopping  for our orange chicken and thought "There is no reason to buy rice, we have a 10lb bag of it at home!" We got home and I spent the next 30 minutes searching our house in a huff.  The rice is nowhere to be found.  Nowhere. Grrr.  I was baffled - and still am.

When out on the town today, we picked up a small bag of jasmine rice (I will find that 10lb bag) and when we got home I got out the rice maker to get rolling.  Without paying close attention, I washed the rice and poured it into the rice maker, then started measuring and adding water. A small pool of water appeared underneath the rice maker and I thought "huh".  It wasn't till Andrew said to me "Oh god. Unplug it!!" that I realized what was happening.  I forgot to put the bowl into the ricer maker and had poured the rice and, more tragically, the water directly into the electrical hot plate which has a hole into the inner workings. 

Well, shit. Andrew handed me towels to sop up the water and after a few beats said, "Let me know when it is ok to laugh." Such a good husband. 

He spent the next 30 minutes taking the whole thing apart and getting all the rice and water out of the insulation, the levers, the wires, the crevices, etc. A little red wine, a pair of pliers, a screw driver and a project and Andrew is pretty much in heaven. He managed to get it all fixed and we were back up and running in just under an hour.   (I managed to also drop an egg on the floor and defrost frozen turkey incorrectly... I was in fine form tonight.)

On to the tonight's dish: I made Sriracha fried rice! Some peas and carrots, fish sauce and soy sauce, an egg and some chilled rice = DELICIOUS.  Somehow, I had never made fried rice before, but it turned out well and I plan on making this easy dish a more regular item in our house. 

I cannot wait to eat the leftovers.  


  1. Looks like the rice turned out well. Make it into a full meal with some tofu, broccoli, and water chestnuts. Or shrimp. Or more egg. And ginger. Add the kitchen sink. A great leftovers meal using up some leftover plain rice from a previous night.

  2. Looks delicious! I'm still trying to get my fried rice not turn into mush. I hadn't considered using jasmine rice or sriracha! Great job on week 2!

  3. Nancy, my first batch of rice turned out horribly! I left that little detail out of my post, but after screwing it up (ended up with sticky mush) I scoured the internets for tips. What I learned was cut the water - 1c. rice/1.5c. water changed to 1c. 1ice/1 1/4c. water, and to under cook it a bit. Keep your eye on the rice as it cooks - check it a few times and stir it occasionally, which I realize goes against most rice instructions which say to cover it and not open the lid for 18-20 mins. When you check it, taste it and take it off the heat just when the liquid is absorbed and the rice is still a bit undercooked. Spread it out on a cookie sheet and chill it in the fridge or freezer, and once it is cold, it is good to go for some tasty fried rice! Good luck!