Sunday, January 22, 2012

Orange almond biscotti dipped (and drizzled!) in white chocolate

I struggled with what to make for this week's baking challenge.  I am not a huge fan of white chocolate (it isn't real chocolate after all) but I was determined to make something that I'd actually like to eat.  I called out to my facebook folk to get recommendations and got some really great ideas.  Next, it boiled down to time and ease.  As many of you know, we got hit by a decent amount of snow this week so I made no trips to the store to even buy the dang white chocolate.  Long story short, biscotti it was!

I've never made biscotti before and it was quite easy! Simple ingredients, only a few steps to get it mixed, then bake in two loaves! The recipe I used called for lemon and anise, but I used orange rind and very finely chopped almonds.  I was trying to just use what we had and I don't just have anise seed hanging around. 

You take them out of the oven, slice them up then bake them again. I let them cool completely and then busted out my makeshift double boiler to melt the white chocolate. 

 I used Baker's white chocolate which has actual cocoa butter - from the research I did, cocoa butter is what makes any white chocolate decent. 

I dipped the base of each biscotti in the melted white chocolate, then drizzled the rest. Andrew and I tried to bite into these bad boys and whoo-wheee they were HARD.  Virtually inedible by themselves. Sad face. 

No problem-o.  I threw the kettle on and whipped up a tasty hot toddy for dippin'.  When dipped in the warm liquid-y deliciousness, these biscotti are pretty good.  White chocolate is still not my favorite.  While the almond was nice, there was not enough orange taste.  I think I'd double, if not triple, the amount of orange zest in the future. 

I'm sure the coworkers will love these tomorrow!

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