Saturday, June 2, 2012

Week 20: Citrus - Baked Grapefruit

I found several recipes with great reviews for baked grapefruit.  Each recipe was a little different  but all said baked grapefruit was a tasty warm breakfast - or dessert topper! 

Each recipe said something different about how to cut the grapefruit.  Some had you just cut them in half and make a cup similar to how many people eat it cold.  Some had you peel it.  I thought the peeled kind look prettiest so I went with that! 

I cut off the top and bottom till I could see the flesh

Then I sliced off the sides.

There would still be some pith on the bottom so I'd turn it over and trim off those parts too.

I sliced the grapefruit into circles about 1 inch thick. 

Here is where I got a little creative.  Some recipes called for brown sugar, some honey, so I dressed each slice in a different way.  I crushed up some pecans and sprinkled those on top of some.  Half of my guests are allergic to nuts so I left a few slices without. 

Here is a close up of a slice with brown sugar and pecans before baking.

This is the same slice after baking.  I baked the slices until they were hot and juicy - about 15 minutes on 350, then just about 5 minutes on broil to get the nuts nice and roasted. 

The slices were soft and falling apart when I scooped them off the pan into bowls. 

We couldn't tell the different between the brown sugar and honey slices, so I think whichever you prefer will work just fine.  After eating them we talked about how great this would be over something sweet-ish like vanilla ice cream, or vanilla yogurt.  Eating them plain was a little boring.  Another suggestion was oatmeal.  Overall, it was tasty.  I might do this again on a cold winter morning.  

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