Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week 23: Copy Cat - Auntie Annie's Pretzels

I am such a sucker for these type of mall pretzels.  I almost always go for the cinnamon and sugar variety.  They are so gooey and soft and perfect.  When I found this recipe I knew I had to make them.

It is a pretty straight forward dough recipe.  I did not have the bread flour so I substituted for all-purpose flour.

It rose for about an hour and was ready for rollin'!

The rolling process was quite easy and I got better with every one.  At first my rolls were uneven and a few even broke, but by the end, I was a pro.

Once they were on the baking sheets, I let them rise another 45 minutes or so.  They didn't quite double in size, but they were noticeably risen by the naked eye. I wasn't sure how much they would rise so I spaced them generously.  I would put them closer together in the future.

My generous spacing meant I had to do 3 baking sheets.  I loath to bake anything not on my baking stone and I was right to have this fear.  My baking stone pretzels turned out the most evenly cooked without a brown bottom.

Once baked, I basted them in butter and then sprinkled kosher salt on top of two thirds of them.  Since kosher salt isn't quite as large as coarse salt, it sorta blended/melted in to the butter but whatever.  They  clearly have salt on them when you see them close up.

The last batch I basted in butter then rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Eee I can't wait to eat them. I know... It is sad. I haven't even tasted one yet.  I am still waiting for them to cool a bit before I nom.

You can see the kosher salt better in this picture.  I can't wait to sink my teeth in to these and dip them in mustard!

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  1. Beautifully browned! They look delicious. I've made pretzels before where they require being dunked into boiling water before baked. They didn't quite end up looking as cute, so I'm curious to try your recipe!

    1. These do require a quick dunk in a water + baking soda mixture between rolling and shaping (which I forgot to document), but it was really easy!