Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week 21: Lettering - WWU Graduation Cookies

Ok, so I wasn't so great at the frosting flowers, but the lettering I'm alright at! My wonderful friend Sarah graduated with her Masters in Education (same one I'm gonna get real soon!) and for her party I made sugar cookies frosted in the school colors.  She had a joint grad party with her friend Cate, hence the S and C cookies seen below. the single W is my attempt at the sporty version of the WWU logo.  Sarah works in athletics so I was trying to pay homage to that logo.

Once again, I think the tip I had was alright but not the best.  I did some research about icing that is good for piping and the recipe I worked with was alright. It didn't spread too much and it was easy to work with. 

Obligatory '12 for their graduating year!

I tried to draw a graduation cap and after making just this one, decided to stick with the letters and numbers. The party was fantastic, the company was delightful, and the cookies were gone in a matter of minutes! 

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