Monday, May 14, 2012

Week 18: Salad - Amber's Alabama Salad

I've been away for a bit.  Andrew and I went on a vacation and have since been catching up on all our duties (school, work, house cleaning, laundry... you know the routine). While on our vacation down to Alabama my dear friend Amber showed me how to make one of her favorite salads.  It is a southwest style cupboard emptier.  One of those delicious "what the heck do we have around that needs to be eaten and would be tasty together" type dinners. 

According to Amber the key is really the dressing, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  First we warmed up black beans on the stove. 

We toasted some tortillas in the toaster oven so we could make some crunchy tortilla chips to sprinkle on top. 

We used romaine lettuce and started building our salad from there. Amber loves olives so we couldn't pass up adding those! 

We cut up two chicken breasts we'd grilled the night before  and here you can also see the burnt tortillas.  We cut off the burnt parts and crunched up the rest for sprinkling on top. 

Yellow bell peppers went on top next.

Lots of cilantro, shredded carrots, and the chicken are shown below. 

Now the dressing part.  This is a mixture of about 4 parts Newman's Own Lite Lime and 1 part Ranch.  It really was tasty.  The chicken had a fajita seasoning on it and with the lime dressing and other ingredients it was so flavorful!

We added tomatoes as well. 

Couldn't forget the corn!

Finally, the still warm black beans.

Toss it all and pour on your dressing to taste.

It was a fantastic salad to eat in the warm southern evening.  Of course, it was coupled with a nice cold beer and some of the best company east of the missisip.  

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