Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 18: Drink to Dessert - Margarita Cake

My fabulous friend Tyson's birthday is May 4th. His sister's is May 6th.  Every year (almost) they have an epic combined birthday party they call Cuatro Cinco Seis.  Sadly, we missed the party due to our trip to Alabama, but I thought how better to try and make up for our absence except with a margarita cake!

This is a pretty straight forward recipe and it was pretty easy to make.  It has real booze in it and I assume that means it was delicious.  I guess I should confess before I continue that I didn't actually get to eat any of it. I'll explain further as I continue.  I threw all the ingredients in a bowl and mixed it up!

I used a mixture of fresh and bottled lime juice.  I read a really fantastic article in Cooks Illustrated about how when baking fresh lime juice isn't better than the bottled stuff.  Makes me feel way better about not hand squeezing a bunch of limes!

Poured it in a bunt pant and cooked it up! 

While the booze in the cake mix inevitable cooks off, the glaze has plenty tequila and Grand Marnier so it musta been boozy tasting. The reviews of this recipe (all over the internet) are fantastic and every says the cake is a huge hit.  

With the cake still warm I drizzled the glaze all over it and it soaked in nicely.  If I'd had more time or patience I might have decorated it with candied limes or lime zest.  I made this the night before we left for Alabama and I took it straight over to Tyson's house without having the time or energy to invest in decorating it too much.  Plus I was hoping people would eat it when they were three sheets to the wind and they wouldn't care.

I was right.  It was all gone pretty darn quick and the reviews are very positive.  I look forward to having a chance to make this again and actually taste it next time!

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