Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Week 17: Layered - P.O.S. Pie

We are trying to lay off the sweets so I made a potato, onion, spinach (POS) pie for the layered challenge. 

I started with garlic to mix with the spinach. 

What I should have started first is the caramelized onions.  I've never made them before and they are easy and delicious, but they do take at least 30 minutes to make.  I also should have made about 3x as much.  They really cook down. 

Once the garlic had browned, I cooked a ton of spinach.  Again, I could have cooked twice as much since it cooks down so much. 

I sliced and boiled potatoes and they were the first layer in my pie.

A few clumps of goat cheese and salt and pepper went down next. 

I over shot on how much potatoes so I added another layer next.

While the onions cooked the spinach cooled.  I added the spinach next...

then more goat cheese.

Here are the onions almost fully caramelized.

I added those on top and got ready to top it all off. 

I used puff pastry rather than pie dough and it cooked up fluffy and wonderful.

I put a heart on top since I love to cook and I love my life!

The layers were visible and it was quite tasty.  I should have added more flavorful ingredients.  It was a little bland overall.  More caramelized onions, more seasoning on the potatoes, and perhaps some more complexity with an additional cheese (Parmesan?) would have done the trick.  

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