Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 11 BC: Savory - Rosemary Butter Cookies

Baking challenge for this week was "savory".  At Halloween my friend brought over something similar and I've been wanting to try them ever since.  

It is a pretty simple butter cookie recipe with fresh rosemary added. 

The dough is easy to make and 

I cut the dough in half, and on two sheets of parchment rolled each half in into cylinders about 9 inches long and 1.5" diameter. Martha recommends paper towel tubes for shaping them but I didn't have any trouble just rolling by hand. Wrap the cylinders in the parchment paper and freeze for 1 hour. 

When you take them out of the freezer, roll the dough in sugar to coat the outside and slice!  So easy. 

I have another version that is quite similar in process but is more sugar cookie than butter cookie and although I've never been able to get them into circles (the cutting process always flattens one side!), they are always delicious and so simple. 

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