Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 10: BC - Book/Movie/TV Inspired - Low Cal Calzone Zone (Parks and Recreation)

If you haven't watched Parks and Recreation, stop reading this and go to Netflix or Hulu and watch an episode.  Any episode.  It is hilarious and it is one of my favorites these days. So with this week's baking challenge of media or literature inspired this show was a clear choice to honor/emulate.  Now, I could have made waffles topped with way too much whipped cream (Leslie Knope's favorite) but there is no baking involved so I went to the obvious second choice: calzone.  Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) talks about calzone in several episodes but my favorite is the one where unemployed Ben becomes obsessed with making the perfect calzone and opening a line of restaurants called "The Low-cal Calzone Zone".


So, here they are!  Not so sure they are low-cal, but they were certainly delicious.

Each one had different ingredients but some combination of the following: onions, broccoli, mushrooms, moose-a-roni (pepparoni made from moose given to us by the in-laws)

Stretching the dough to calzone shape was not too easy, but not as hard as transferring them to the baking stone. Note to self: next time build them on the baking stone. 

This one had the moosearoni, onion, and mushrooms.

Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the other before folding and getting it into the oven, but it has mushrooms, broccoli and onion inside. 

They both baked up quite nicely but one prettier than the other.

This one sorta exploded and juiced out everywhere.  It ain't no thang, cause they were really tasty and a perfect Friday night dinner.

I cut them and we each got half so we could taste them both. 

Pair with a beer and a ceasar salad, and A and I were happy campers. 

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