Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 16: Flowers - Total Flower Failure

I admit I wasn't even excited about this challenge.  As you may have gathered from this blog, I tend toward easy, quick recipes, and cooking that allows for flexibility and invention.  Piping flowers requires careful delicate movements and most of all, patience.  Not my cooking forte to say the least - especially when I'm not that interested in the result.  

All that aside, I present to you my awful flowers.  Rather than cook something to pipe onto, I went for the classy paper plate.  I knew my product would not be that great, since this is my first time really trying this type of piping and I didn't want to waste awesome treats with bad visuals. 

I glanced at a few websites and youtube videos but mostly just dove in and tried my own feel-it-out method with very little success.

I think perhaps when if this one was on a cupcake it wouldn't be too offensive looking, 

I tried some leaves and a few different things, very few of which looked remotely appealing. 

I think part of my problem was my lack of willingness to make more than two colors of frosting.  If I'd had more, I could have tried to make some layers or depth, but again, my heart just wasn't in this one.


  1. Oh my, I think your piping flowers turned out wonderful, they would be beautiful on a cupcake! I'd give you an A for the project, bet you got taste approval from the assistant chef:)