Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 8: Slow Cooking - Red Curry Chicken

Andrew and I use our crock pot regularly. Other than occasionally making about 10x what two people can possibly eat before getting sick of something, it works out so well and produces such great meals.  It has been a while since I did a curry and we had several veggies that were just dying to be made into a curry.  The result was pretty delish and made for a wonderful Sunday night relaxed dinner. (It has come to my attention after taking pictures of last week's crock pot chicken and dumplings that it is very hard to get an appetizing picture of food in a crock pot once it's been cooked, so sorry about that...)

Three chicken breasts on the bottom covered with a rough chopped onion and about 2 cups of potatoes went in first.

 Sweet potatoes and chick peas were next.

Topped off with peas and a curry sauce consisting of orange juice, red curry powder, garlic, cream, salt, and pepper were the last step before setting and forgetting.  The sauce did not cover all the veggies but did cover the meat in order to successfully cook the chicken without turning the veg to total mush. 

Once it was all cooked (about 6 hours on low since my crock pot runs pretty warm) I removed the chicken and veg into a bowl.  The chicken was tender and shredded/chuncked very easily with a fork.

In a pan I heated one can of coconut milk with about 2Tb of red curry paste. Once it had boiled and then simmered to thicken up a bit (5 minutes or so) I added the juice/sauce that was in the bottom of the crock pot plus about 1Tb corn starch to thicken it up even more. 

I put the chicken and veg back into the crock pot and poured the sauce over the top. 

We piled the delicious red curried chicken over rice and sliced up a bit of naan to complete the meal. 

We have plenty of left overs but it shouldn't be too painful to finish it all since I didn't make a bajillion cups of it, and it was so satisfyingly good!

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