Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Week 7 - Valentine's Day or Love - Nutella Ravioli

Double love themed posts this week!  Between Valentine's and my birthday there were more sweets in my belly than I care to admit.  I was looking for something I could make just a few of rather than end up with tons more sweets in the house. Nutella ravioli seemed like just the trick.  

Wonton wrappers are square which makes hearts pretty easy to cut out.  I have a heart shaped cookie cutter, but it is small and kinda sucks.  I tried eyeballing it and it wasn't working that well, so I cut out a template from a Bud Light Lime box (Yea, you heard me.  I love me some BL with L and I ain't ashamed).  The template worked perfectly.

I outlined one of each pair of hearts with water to prepare for the pasting.

The recipe I used said to pipe the Nutella out, but I didn't want to make that many, and dolloping was not difficult.

I was worried the two wonton wrappers wouldn't stick together, but whomp, they did! 

I made several more than I intended to eat mostly because I wasn't sure how the frying would go. 

Only one got a weird carbuncle in the frying process and the rest came out just perfect.

Dusting with powdered sugar can be difficult with out one of those fancy shakers devoted to powdered sugar but my little trick is to use my tea steeper! This one acts like a alligator mouth so I just chomp it in to my bag of sugar and then shake shake shake. 

Shake shake shake!!

So pretty. 

My dear friends Julianne and Cassidy bought me these martini glasses several years ago.  I don't use them nearly enough, but they are red and perfect for a Valentine's day dessert. Vanilla bean ice cream and two Nutella ravioli for each of us.

They were crispy and hazelnut-chocolaty. Not my all time favorite, but they were cute. They were easy to make and interesting. 

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