Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 8: Candy Decorations - Reese's Pieces Piggies

While the Reese's Pieces aren't a huge part of the decorations, I guess I can kinda count marshmallows too!  Andrew bought me some cake pop pans so I decided to try those in addition to some cup cakes. It took a little modifying to make the decorations work for the cake pops.  It was not super easy to cut the pink marshmallows into tiny snouts.  They turned out pretty cute though!

The cake pop recipe calls for the addition of pudding so the cake mix ends up super thick.  

I piped the cake mix into the pans

 The top of the pan went on and the two rubber fasteners clipped on. 

They over flowed in the oven which looked pretty hilarious.

When they came out of the oven, popping off the overflow was easy and quite tasty :)

They came out with a little saturn ring around the edge of each but it was easily trimmed.

A little melted white chocolate helps the stick stay in.

Once the stick was firmed in, the decorating began!  I rolled each cake pop in the melted white chocolate then had to rapidly affix the decorations.  The eyes are Reese's Pieces, the snout and ears are pink marshmallows cut into shapes. 

Getting the snout right was the hardest since cutting marshmallow is about the worst thing ever.  It sticks the the scissors, it sticks to your hands, and the white chocolate coating dried so fast is was lame trying to get it all situated in time. A little pink gel finished off the snout.

 The cupcakes were significantly easier.   

It wasn't until the last cupcake that I realized I could fold the marshmallows to create the cutest ears!


  1. Squee! Those are so cute. The cake pop pan must make things so much easier. I made cake pops a few weeks ago and they were a huge pain.

  2. I can't even begin to think about making cake pops without this pan. It was pretty rad. Since using the pain isn't a daily occurrence, if you ever want to borrow it, you just let me know!