Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week 27: BBQ Beef and Chicken

I spent almost all day doing homework at school. So sad. But, I came home to the most joyous of activities: BBQing with friends! Our good friends Jamie and Luke were over and grilling some pretty amazing looking (and it turns out tasting) burgers.

Andrew made some pretty amazing grilled stuffed chicken breasts as well. Each chicken breast was stuffed with spinach and Parmesan, and then basted with champagne salad dressing. I put it on a bun and ate it like a sandwich.

Andrew dressed his burger with 3 kinds of hot sauce: Sriracha, Franks Red Hot, and Aardvark Habanero.

The burgers were thick and juicy and totally amazing.

Andrew and Luke also grilled some garlic cloves, broccoli, and mushrooms but we ate them so fast I didn't get a picture! So instead here is another burger pic!

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